Explorer Weight

Product description

Explore a captivating underwater world with our heavy-duty 800g Explorer Weight. The easy clip-on weight alters the Explorer’s buoyancy and makes it sink to the optimum depth in the water column. 

It is stackable and fully compatible with other Seavu accessories such as the Pole Mount, Drift Fin and Seafloor Stand. 

The Explorer Weight can be combined with an additional one to enhance stability in stronger currents while using the Drift Fin.

Our Explorer Weight is designed for use with our Explorer camera casing and is compatible with other Seavu accessories.

The Explorer Weight is available as a stand-alone product or as a part of our Pole Kit, Kayak Kit, Swim Kit, Seafloor Kit and Full Kit.


800g weight
Easily clips on/off Explorer
Explorer fishing camera case accessories
Stackable with other accessories
Highly durable and marine-proof


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