Drift Fin

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If you love fishing, you’ll love the Drift Fin. Livestream amazing underwater action and view fish behaviour in real time with our Drift Fin attachment.

The Seavu Drift Fin clips easily on and off our Explorer housing. It is designed to face in the direction of the current, so your camera can capture marine life head-on. Depending on the weather, the conditions in the water, or the fish you’re looking for, you can attach the Drift Fin either directly to the Explorer or to the Explorer Weight, to provide the best possible view for your live stream feed.

The Drift Fin is designed to connect to our Explorer or Explorer Weight as well as our 27m Cable and Reel or 10m Hand Reel, which features a transmitter that can connect to your phone. That way, you can receive a live video feed from below the water. The Drift Fin can also be used in conjunction with the Seavu Buoy to hold the Explorer at the desired depth in the water.

The Drift Fin is available as a stand-alone product or as a part of our Swim Kit and Full Kit.


Explorer fishing camera case accessories
Use with or without weight
Points camera in direction of current
Explorer fishing camera case
Easily clips to Explorer
Seamless functionality with the camera


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