Hand Reel & Cable

Product description

Explore a fascinating world under the water with our durable and compact Seavu Hand Reel & Cable with a built-in transmitter.

Our, robust Hand Reel holds 10m of Seavu Cable, which is extremely robust and marine-proof. This thin yet durable cable is fully waterproof. Our cable is purposefully lightweight in order to minimise drag yet it is very strong, offering up to 50kg of pulling tension. It is also ultra-flexible and abrasion resistant, ideal for use in a variety of environments and weather conditions.

The Hand Reel is specially designed for use on Kayaks, Personal Water Crafts and Boats. The Reel features a number of points to make hanging it to your watercraft convenient. Simply rinse with fresh water after each use. 

Forget losing connectivity to your phone underwater. A high-quality transmitter and receiver are fitted on the Reel in order to enable live stream video data transfer directly from your action camera in the Explore case to your phone above the water. This allows you to view a live video feed underwater in real time.

Our Hand Reel & Cable is designed for use with our Explorer camera casing and Phone Mount, and is compatible with other Seavu accessories to help it navigate the water easily, such as the Seavu Weight and Buoy.

The Reel & Cable is available as a stand-alone product or as a part of our Starter Kit.


Made from durable, heavy-duty materials
Marine safe
Built-in transmitter and receiver
Durable livestream cable


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Cable Reel Options

  • Select from 10m and 17m cable lengths.
  • For the best connection, keep the phone and hand reel no more than 1m apart.

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