Pole Mount

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Discover a whole new world under the water with the help of our highly durable, marine-proof pole mount. The easy clip pole mount allows you to attach the Explorer housing quickly and easily to most extension painter poles. Compatible with any pole with a 3/4″ 5 thread fitting. Adjust the angle of the mount easily to get the perfect shot. 

Painter pole is NOT included.

Our Pole Mount is designed for use with our Explorer camera casing and 4m Pole Cable or 27m Cable Reel, and is compatible with other Seavu accessories.

The Pole Mount is available as a stand-alone replacement product, for purchase with compatible accessories, or as a part of our Pole Kit and Full Kit.


Fits most painter poles
Easily clips to the Explorer
Adjustable angle
Durable and marine-proof


In stock

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Seavu livestream cable (4m) with Receiver and pole mount transmitter.

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