Cable Fastener

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Position your Seavu Explorer housing and camera perfectly using our Cable Fastener. The Cable Fastener is specifically designed to hold the Seavu Cable & Reel and Explorer housing at the desired length and depth while drifting, trolling or setting up the Seafloor Stand. The bungee cord simply loops around a boat cleat, pole or the majority of boating anchor points and acts as a tension relief.

Our Cable Fastener is designed for use with our Explorer camera casing and Hand Reel or Cable & Reel, and is compatible with other Seavu accessories 

The Cable Fastener is available as a stand-alone replacement product or as a part of our Kayak Kit, Swim Kit, Seafloor Kit and Full Kit.


Holds cable at desired length and depth
Easy hold and release
Tension relief bungee
Easily attaches to most bloat cleats or anchor points


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